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Mastering Your Market Under Mastering Your Market Under AfCFTA — Algeria

Overview of Algeria

Algeria has a population of about 43 million and it is the largest country in Africa in terms of land mass. It is the fourth largest economy in Africa, and it is classified as an upper middle-income country. It is located in the North African region, south of Spain and separated from the European Union by the Mediterranean sea.

The Algerians have experienced some high level of development due to the wealth that the government is generating from crude oil. The sales crude oil and its derivatives accounts for 60% of the revenue of the government and about 95% of the export revenues.

Algeria is among the Middle east & North African (MENA) countries, and it is the most developed country in North African region. The combination of sizeable population coupled with good purchasing power has made this African market to become a place to explore by African exporter under AfCFTA.

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